“Eddie has performed at Rockport’s New Year’s Eve for the past 21 years and has pleased audiences both young and old with his magic and humor.”

-Claire Fanklin, Rockport First Night Event Director

“Eddie is very professional and entertaining for all ages. We have used him many times with many happy customers. Highly Recommended!

-Rich K., Total Entertainment

“Eddie is a class act and has been a pleasure to work with through the years.”

-Smoke and Mirrors Magic Theater

“Eddie provides excellent entertainment for all ages!”

-Joe Ferranti, fellow magician

"My favorite thing about Eddie's work is his ability to get everyone involved.  Both adults and children were laughing and enjoyed his jokes. The balloon animals were a great way for kids to stay entertained and quiet at the tables while the adults could enjoy their time visiting with their guests.  You can truly see Eddie's passion in his work.  It seems he really enjoys what he does.   It shows, and that makes all the difference in the world."

-Brenna Shannon
York Golf & Tennis Club
Communications Director / Event Coordinator


"What a wonderful show!  The ladies of Brookhouse Home thoroughly enjoyed it and want to have Eddie back to perform again.  He's so engaging & funny and his magic was flawless!  The balloon sculptures were a big hit as well.  A wonderful time was had by all! "

-Marsha                                                                                                                                                                   Brookhouse Home


"We hired Eddie for a temple event at which there were adults and children.  Eddie entertained the group going from table to table doing tricks and wowing the crowds.  Both adults and children were entranced.  He then did a show on the stage and used audience participation and the kids loved that.  I got nothing but positive feedback. He even custom made tricks for our event! We would definitely have him back since he is so adept at making his material so event specific."

-Abby Mayou


"The kids really enjoyed it, and I appreciated that he got so many kids involved (especially the birthday kids!)."

-Kevin Wilson


"Thank you again for another wonderful kid's party event! I will certainly keep Eddie in mind for future magic show events."

-Megan Spies
Assistant Manager/Event Coordinator
St. Botolph Club
199 Commonwealth Avenue
Boston, MA 02116