Member of the following:
-Society of American Magicians
-International Brotherhood Of Magicians
-Invisible Lodge
-Shriners International
-Adult Advisor for The Society of Young Magicians

Awards and Accolades
-Certificate of Appreciation by Bill Jensen, President of
the Society of American Magicians (local) June 3, 2007
-President's Award - Rhode Island Society of
American Magicians. 2004
-3 time National President's Citation from Society of
American Magicians (2007, 2008, 2011)
-Order of Merlin award- International Brotherhood of
Magicians (2013)
-Life Member of the Invisible Lodge - Elite Masonic
Magic Group November 15, 2004
-Performing participant in the Guiness World Record
setting, Most Magicians in a Show. (July 4, 2007)
-Society of American Magicians, Harry Houdini Award
-Society of American Magicians chapter 104, Magician
of the year award (1994)
-Honored Judge - Greater New England Magic Contest
-Society of American Magicians chapter 104, Anthony
Murphy Award (2011)
-Society of American Magicians - Best of Boston, 1st
place winner 2017
-Certificate of Appreciation Outstanding Achievement
from Willis Miller - Society of American Magicians